How to Share Your Science Story


Research is an epic journey of courage and discovery.

If you watch a TV or online series regularly, then you already understand the allure of an open-ended narrative. If you’ve ever binge-watched a series, then you know the insatiable drive to consume that story – as an event, hosting a watch-party, or possibly even taking a sick day off from work (we won’t tell).

Research is an open-ended narrative, with heroes and champions on a quest into the unknown, facing great challenges and uncovering hidden treasure. These are the elements of a great story which audiences are drawn to and follow. But to build an audience for your science, your science story needs narrative and strategy to create influence.

Join our next CoLab to discover …

• Why story is so important in science communication.
• How to start with your science story.
• Storytelling to make science more accessible.
• Developing your story as a journey for an audience.
• What are the skills to practice to improve your storytelling.

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