Want to take control of the WFSJ’s twitter account for a week?

Christine D'Anna-Huber
Bewerbungsfrist 02.10.2017

This October, the WFSJ is relaunching its Twitter for a Week communication project. We are therefore looking for highly motivated members interested in becoming Guest Editor and rocking the WFSJ’s Twitter account for a week. This means being able to reach out to 3400+ followers interested in science journalism.

During his or her week, the Guest Editor acts as the voice of our Association, tweeting about what’s going on in and around science journalism and science communication in Switzerland, and sharing your take on events and trending «science stories» with 55 fellow national and regional Member Associations. Your tweets will help  promote our organization and science journalism in our part of the world.

If you’re interested, please contact the secretary-general.

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