How to tell stories with data – SASJ workshop

25.01.2018 09:00
2 courses for up to 10 participants: 9-12 (in German) and 14-17 (in English)
Haus der Akademien
Laupenstrasse 7, Raum Eiger, 3001 Bern
Generalsekretariat SKWJ
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In this workshop you will learn to aggregate data, to clean and to combine them, to find the stories they tell – and to shape them so that they’ll help you convey complex content in an easily understandable way.
For example we’ll take the raw data of the Swiss national Science Foundation and comb through all projects registered since 1975. Which are the most expensive ones? Which scientist has got the most funding? Which field of study?

Content of the workshop: We will work with data sets that are relevant for science journalists.

  • we’ll become familiar with the terminal
  • wget and curl: with the help of these command line tools, we’ll “scrape” data from websites
  • csvkit and other terminal modules: forget about Excel  – thanks to this suite of utilities you’ll never again have to struggle with cumbersome proprietary software to understand, combine or clean large data sets
  • Google Spreadsheets: the best commands to visualize data (so that you can share your insights with others)

-> you need your own laptop…
-> … but you don’t need any programming experience

Course instructor: Barnaby Skinner, data journalist with many years of experience working for «Tages-Anzeiger» and «Sonntagszeitung»
Cost: free of charge for club members


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