Facebook and Google: the Great Divide.

Par Sonya Song publié sur Chartbeat

In a multiplatform world, consumers find content in a multitude of ways— not only on your site, but also while scrolling on Facebook or searching on Google. The different ways a visitor can land on your content influences not only what they read, but also how they read. Recent research from Chartbeat shows that people exhibit different content consumption behaviors when coming from platforms like Facebook and Google than when already on your site.

Until now, the gaps in content consumption between Facebook and Google audiences haven’t been fully explored or researched. We’re hoping to change that by illuminating these differences using data from Chartbeat’s network of 50,000 media sites across the globe. We hope this unique perspective helps you understand the distinct role of each platform, so you can maximize your readership wherever it lives.

NOTE: Jill Nicholson, Head of Product Education at Chartbeat in New York, will be a speaker at our SNF-Seminar, in Berne, on May 11th, dedicated to “Science journalism and social networks”. Some spaces left. Register HERE.

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