ECSJ2018: Apply for a grant

Postuler avant le 10.03.2018

ECSJ2018, 5th European Conference of Science Journalists, is pleased to announce at least 40 international travel grants for ECSJ + ESOF (more may come), of which 18 are sponsored by Genomic Health.

These grants will cover travel and accommodation up to 400€, which considering the cheap rooms we offer should be enough to reach Toulouse from any European destination.
Delegates will have to pay their travel and their rooms by themselves, and they will be reimbursed either in cash at the conference of by transfer in the two weeks following.

To apply for a grant, candidates must submit:

  1. A reasonably detailed bio or a CV.

  2. Three published pieces of work less than one year old (no translation necessary, links accepted).

  3. An essay in English or French explaining who they are, and why the jury should select them to come to ECSJ and ESOF. This essay should be no longer than 600 words.

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