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AlphaGalileo is a free, independent service, for all journalists. The service provides breaking news on all aspects of research from universities, institutes and publishers from around the world and gives access to news under embargo from peer-reviewed journals.
The online platform covers science, the arts, technology, medicine, social sciences, the humanities, and business. AlphaGalileo was founded by former press officers and journalists, almost 20 years ago. Raw news is provided in a user–friendly and multilingual environment. The service takes news in all the major European languages as well as Japanese and Chinese. Staff from all the major broadcast, print and online media use us, including Science, BBC, Corrieredella Sera, Die Zeit, Agence France Presse, El País, Asahi Shimbun, News International, Nature, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Le Monde, Reuters and Scientific American.

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