The Club’s private social network – tips & FAQs

Christophe Ungar
Committee member
Community manager

It’s here and hot ! More intimate than Facebook, less flashy than LinkedIn, more characters than Twitter… Your private social and professionnal network is ready to link you to all the other scientific journalists and writers of Switzerland. Looking for a scientific journalist to animate a round table on nutrition in Basel? A drink and discussion with a colleague specialized in climate sciences in Lausanne ? It’s easier than ever.

You don’t have time to meet «in real life»? The Club’s Network offers you also the opportunity to create and animate groups of discussion online; the possibility to work together on the same virtual plateform, share ideas, comments, and why not start successfull collaborations. Ultimate goal: make scientific journalism and communication in Switzerland as efficient as possible. The keys are yours!


1. Connect by clicking on the top right button of the home page using the username that was sent to you by email or that you created as new member.

2. Click on «Se souvenir de moi» / «Angemeldet bleiben» to stay connected everytime you come back using the same web browser. This has many advantages like directly accessing the information you need as a member as well as the full description of the job offers.

3. Check out the 3 important buttons that appear on the top of the screen when you are connected :

  • ACTIVITE / AKTIVITAT : The wall on which you can post comments, questions, and documents that all the members can see.
  • MEMBRES / MITGLIEDER : The list of members with whom you can connect and the database in which you can search according to name, employer and/or scientific and journalistic centers of competence.
  • GROUPES / GRUPPEN : The page on which you can create public, private and secret groups for discussions and collaborations in small committee.

4. Next to these three buttons, the small bell tells you if you have notifications: new friends or messages. Click on it to see the details.

5. Top right of the screen is all your personnal data.

  • Go to PROFIL to add for instance your contact details and scientific + journalistic skills. Please note that a correct postal adress is compulsory for our mailing and billing.
  • Upload your articles, audio and video programs in your PORTFOLIO to share your work with the other members.
  • Upload, share and work together online on different type of DOCUMENTS / DOCS (under construction)


  • What about my privacy ? Under PROFIL you can choose if your personnal data can be seen by every member, only your friends, or only you.
  • What if I have a problem ? Contact the webmaster
  • I didn’t get any mail to connect or my connexion doesn’t work ? Contact the webmaster
  • I lost my password! Look for it.
  • I have a greaaaat idea to improve the website! Contact the webmaster
  • I want to save the world and scientific journalism! Contact god.

Now it’s time for you to make it live! It’s fluid and evolutive. Your experience and feedback will improve it.

Thanks a lot!

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