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Olivier Dessibourg
Président ASJS
Postuler avant le 30.06.2017
Cette actualité est proposée par Association Suisse du Journalisme scientifique

As you know from a year or two, three national science journalists’ associations of Switzerland, France and Italy apply for staging the World Conference of Science Journalists, WCSJ, on 1 – 5 July 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our utmost priority is to bring together professionals and students in science journalism and writing from all over the world in order to exchange ideas and skills, to build networks and hence to foster quality science journalism and collaborations on a global scale.

As some of you heard during the last General Assembly of SASJ mid-June, we are about to achieve the BidBook, to send it to the World Federation of Science Journalists for evaluation, and to go to San Francisco late October to defend our candidacy. But we are also already building the team that will work on concrete different sectors to organise the conference (logistics, finance, science field trips organisation, program comite, social events, webmastering, marketing&communication, fundraising, international collaboration, etc). For that, any help would be very helpful from the members of the Swiss Association of Science Journalism. More information as off the 29th of June:

If you are interested to be concretely part of the organisation team, to give a bit of your time (for a remuneration or not), please contact Olivier Dessibourg until June 30th 2017, if possible describing what you’d like to be involved in, or just saying that you’d be ready to help in any sector.

Be part of a great project!

Thanks a lot for your engagement!


  1. Diana

    Für 2019 habe ich mir vorgenommen, Euch in Lausanne oder in Zürich unter die Arme zu greifen…. Bitte teilt mich dort ein, wo ihr jemand braucht.

  2. Werner Hadorn

    Helfe ebenfalls!
    Werner Hadorn

  3. Photo du profil de Tanja Coray
    Tanja Coray

    Ich kann mir ebenfalls vorstellen, ich allenfalls zu engagieren – insofern die Expertise von Personen auf Seite der Wissenschaftskommunikation ebenso von Interesse ist. Vielleicht wäre es gerade auch einmal interessant, ein Format zu lancieren, welches Journalisten und Kommunikationsfachleute von Hochschulen, Museen etc. zusammenbringt?

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